Sports Report: NBA Playoffs & March Madness

April 8, 2019

The NBA is a very competitive league between the best athletes in the world and each year some teams and players surprise the country. One of my favorite players, Derrick Rose, had a horrible injury in 2012. Everyone thought that this would be the end of his career, but now he is averaging 18 points this season, and enjoying the sport like he used to.

The playoffs will be starting April 13th, The teams for the eastern conference – The Bucks, and The Raptors are fighting for the number one spot in the east. With The Bucks’ 6’11 Giannis Antetokounmpo (MVP candidate) leading the team, they definitely have an advantage. For the western conference, The Warriors and The Rockets are neck and neck for the top spot. The Warriors have five all-stars on the starting line up, and The Rockets have the number one scorer in the country, James Harden who is averaging 36.1 points per game. Harden is also the most likely to win MVP this year.

Aside from NBA playoffs, March Madness is in full swing this month and is nothing to sleep on. There are some great basketball players right now, such as Zion Williamson, the most hyped basketball player in college. He’s showing his talent on the court, being able to shoot, defend, dribble and of course, dunk. Unfortunately, his team lost to Michigan State by one point, which was a big let down for fans. However, you can tell just how good he is by watching his whole season and is speculated to be the number #1 choice in this summer’s draft. Even though there is so much hype about Zion, we can’t forget about Ja Morant, playing for Murray State, and averaging the most points historically in college basketball. He’s all around a great player, and surprisingly, only had one D1 offer after high school, despite this, he has shown his talent and will most likely to be #2 in the draft.

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