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Sports Report: NBA Playoffs

April 17, 2019

The playoffs have started, and there were some surprises this week. The Brooklyn Nets made a huge recovery from their previous years; they made the playoffs and beat the Seventy Sixers in their first playoff game. The playoffs give the weaker teams a chance to beat the best teams in the NBA – the LA Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors with the best comeback of this season, being down by 35 points by the end of the first half.

Every game is worth watching, especially when the “greek freak,” who is carrying the Bucks with a (1-0) lead on the Detroit Pistons, is playing. However, James Harden is still one of the biggest threats in the league and can’t be forgotten with CP3 as his right hand, and man, they are smoking the Utah jazz with a (1-0) lead.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news for The Warriors with Demarcus Cousins tearing his quad; He will be out of the series indefinitely. With him missing, it’s not going to be the “dream team “ of five all-stars, but they still have Steph Curry, averaging the most ever threes in the first two playoff games, passing Ray Allen.

With everything considered, I hope the Bucks win the Playoffs. They worked hard and came back from being one of the lower ranking teams two years ago. Now, they have the best record in the NBA. Even though they have an excellent record, it’s hard to beat a starting lineup of 4 all-stars from the Golden State Warriors.

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