Sports Report: The Playoffs Continue

May 1, 2019

A lot has happened in the NBA in the past week, and there were two major events that were quite a shock for both the teams and players. For starters, OKC and The Trailblazers had a crazy finish, with Damian Lillard shooting a game-winning three and dropping 50 points, solidifying their win. Also, The Nuggets beat The Spurs in a very close game for the chance to move on in the series, The Rockets beat The Jazz as suspected, and The Raptors beat The Magic to move on, as did the Seventy-Sixers and The Warriors.

Now, we are in the second stage of the series with the best 8 teams in the league. The Raptors won their first game against The Seventy-Sixers with Kawhi Leonard dropping 45, The Warriors then beat The Rockets with Kevin Durant playing a great game as usual. The Celtics beat The Bucks with Kyrie and Jalen Brown playing a great game, and The Nuggets beat The Trailblazers with Jamal Murray dropping 34 And Gary Harris dropping 35.

The teams that take their time and don’t get nervous are the teams that will move on to the next round. Having watched the games,  I can say that all the teams are equal and if each player handled the ball with more precision, they would be an important factor in the NBA Right now.

We cannot forget the Houston Rockets, and how they think the refs were siding with The Warriors in their first game. I saw where there could have been fouls, and it seems the refs are indeed favoring The Warriors, but in reality, no ref is perfect and even they make mistakes.

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