Our Flagpole: Status Update

May 15, 2019

You may have noticed the flag on Pierson hill is at half mast, here’s why:

To honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who continue to serve, The President has proclaimed May 15th, 2019 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and May 12th through May 18th as Police Week. These days are used to express our unending gratitude to our nation’s law enforcement officers. Knowing that protection comes at a price, they still choose to endanger their lives for us. The states with the highest number of officer deaths were: Texas, Florida, California, and New York. We must be mindful of the sacrifices our officers make.

Brave men and women risk their lives to protect people, communities, our properties, and our liberty. Even with their families on their mind, they go out risking everything for our country. It is incredible how selfless and brave they are. We must take time to appreciate the sacrifices they have made and what they risk for us. With each year having approximately 60,000 assaults on law enforcement officers, nearly 16,000 injuries are caused, and with great sadness, an average of 160 officers have been killed in the line of duty.

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