Is Our School Safe?

May 15, 2019

With the spike in school shootings in recent months, it has become more apparent that our school does not have an effective security system. Many of the Pierson students can agree that our school is not taking the necessary precautions to keep the students and teachers safe. There are a few security issues I would like to address:

The front entrance:
The front entrance of our school and the protocol we have when letting people in is dangerous. The way that we check the identity of the person entering is not safe. We check who you are once you are INSIDE of the building. If I wanted to infiltrate the school, I would get buzzed in and run right past the desk. No one would be able to immediately stop me, especially if I had a gun. We would need to have the front desk in an area that is not directly inside of the school, for example, the space in between the two sets of front doors could be utilized. You could even put it against the wall with the camera so you could document the face(s) of the people coming inside.

The doors downstairs near the locker rooms and vending machine:
Yes, the doors in the basement have locks, but that does not mean that they are secure. Anyone could open the door from the inside and let anyone in. When you lock eyes with someone eagerly waiting to be let in, it’s not exactly easy to just walk straight past them, especially if it’s someone you know. There are no alarms, and no one knows when those doors are opened. I’m not saying that we should have blaring alarms activated every time those doors are opened, but students should be prevented from opening them. Maybe teachers could be supplied with a key so that classes could use those doors, and students could not unlock those doors themselves.

The lockdown procedure:
I do not feel that the students (including myself) are well enough equipped to deal with a school shooting. In the event that a shooter breaks into the classroom that I am in, I have no idea what I would do. Do I hide under a desk? Do I run? Any of these could have an unfavorable outcome, and the students don’t know what actions would keep them the safest during a school shooting.
On top of the lack of enforced lockdown procedure, the lockdown alarm sound is not loud enough. If I was in the bathroom during the lockdown, I am confident that I would not hear the alarm and would exit the bathroom before I would know what was happening. That’s extremely dangerous. In the past, teachers have proceeded with a lesson and failed to lock the doors because they were unaware that a lockdown was occurring.

I am concerned with the lack of security in our school. I can confidently say that I believe someone who wanted to shoot up our school could do so successfully. I understand that school safety is a complicated issue to resolve, but something needs to be done.

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