Musical Chairs- Friday, June 14th


Emily Squires

You may have seen posters around the school advertising for a game of musical chairs this Friday, June 14th. So, what is the game for?

Ms. Trainor, the Middle School Spanish teacher, studied abroad in Ecuador, and lived with a family with three daughters while she was there. The family lives in Canoa, a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador.  There is a small school in the village with extremely poor conditions, however, the children in Canoa have the opportunity to enroll in a much cleaner, more organized, and overall better school district.

Unfortunately, this school costs $500 per year, which makes it difficult to attend for many families in Canoa. The two eldest sisters were given the opportunity to attend the school, however, the youngest host sister, Amy, will not be able to attend for financial reasons.  The family reached out to Ms. Trainor for help.

The goal of this fundraiser is to send five year old Amy to school for one full year, so that she can get the education she deserves. The money made from the game will be sent by Ms. Trainor to her host family, to send Amy to school until the family can get back on their feet. “I am reaching out to the middle schoolers,” Ms. Trainor says, “because I know they are always so selfless and willing to help me.”

Though the game is for middle schoolers, anyone can donate to this amazing cause. So, to all middle schoolers- please come to the middle school gym this Friday to play musical chairs and possibly win a prize, the entrance fee is only seven dollars. To all Pierson students- please donate to help get a young girl in Ecuador a better education.