Student Discounts Around Town


Emily Squires

Pretty much everyone has walked around Sag Harbor village after school. Whether it be to shop, grab an afternoon snack or coffee, or just to catch up with friends, there’s a charm about walking around our little town.

 Now, let’s be honest, getting back into your school routine is difficult; early mornings, late nights, and tons of work. So to help you get through the year, I’ve found a few places in town that offer a way for all of the hard working students at Pierson to use the school year to their advantage; getting student discounts.

There are quite a few stores in Sag Harbor Village that offer student discounts. For example, Buddhaberry offers students a 10% discount on school days from 3:00 to 5:00. Down at the Kite Store, it was stated that, “We haven’t had a discount in the past, but it is something we are thinking about in the future.” 

Going back to school can be exhausting, so for all of the coffee and snack lovers, Sag Town offers a student discount of 10%. For all of the students, and adults, that work on Main Street, Grindstone offers a discount as well, though unfortunately they do not have a discount for students. 

In addition to this, the Hamptons Gym Corp. provides students with a 30% discount on yearly memberships, and Harbor Market offers a 10% discount for the many students that stop in for a snack before attending sports or heading home to tackle the night’s homework. 

So next time you walk around town, make sure to carry your school ID, you may be able to use it.