10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine: A Review


Alex Makoid, Writer

I was invited by our local newspaper to attend the play live during the Saturday Matinee. It would be the wrong phrase to say I was greatly surprised as I have been to multiple productions, whether play or musical, and they have always lived up to or exceeded my expectations. With Mrs. Luppi’s and Mr. Holden’s help, along with the tech crew, Pierson was able to put on a play during Covid times. The audience was distanced by a couple seats between each group. 


The play performed live December 17 and 18 of this year (2020) and will livestream Monday December 21 and Tuesday December 22 for everyone else who couldn’t make it. The play was about one and a half hours long and started at 2 pm. Featuring Ryan Brown, Emily Brownstein, Gaylin Davey, Ava Dilorenzo, Aiden Genender, Emily Glass, Lillian McGuire, Zoe Richardson, Thomas Schiavoni, and Lance Schroeder, the play was done very well. There was even a real dog which was very well behaved. 

It was split up into ten scenes and each scene contained mini monologues and skits of two or three people each. Since there was only one person on stage at a time, the actors could take off their masks. Sadly the lighting was not working on Saturday when I attended so there were no blackouts or lighting effects but it was still a great show. 

At the end, the show congratulated the four seniors: Gaylin, Ryan, Emily, and Thomas. They also presented flowers to Mrs. Luppi and Mr. Holden, along with short speeches. I was able to take pictures throughout the play and took notes for my article. 


Here is the Rundown of the Scenes: 

  1. Fall in Love with Inanimate Objects: Gaylin and Ryan
  2. Perform in Your Own Musicals With Your Pets: Gaylin and Thomas
  3. Fun with Scissors-Or, So Much Crafts- Emily, Thomas, Zoe
  4. I am Good At Sports Now- No One Can Stop Me- Lance, Aiden, Thomas
  5. William Shakesbear- Zoe and Ryan
  6. Catch Up on Your Studies- Ava, Ryan, Gaylin
  7. Get Overly Involved in the Lives of Creatures Outside Your Window- Emily, Lillian, Aiden
  8. Sleep, Live in Pajamas, Eat Chocolate
  9. Scary Stories- Emily, Zoe, Aiden Left to Right: Lillian, Gaylin, Emily
  10. Megalomania- Emily, Ava, Lance



From talking to your pets to winning against yourself in card games to stalking your neighbor’s cat, this play has it covered. It addressed comedic issues during quarantine like having a birthday by yourself and watching television all day to studying for school. If you want a good laugh, I suggest you watch the live stream today. 

Left to Right:

Top row: Thomas, Emily, Gaylin, Ryan

Bottom Row: 

Lance, Aiden, Everett, Lillian, Ava, Emily, Zoe