TV Shows Tackling Coronavirus

Emily Backlund, Arts & Entertainment

Popular shows have started to come back on air now after months of paused production and filming. Many of these shows are not ignoring the issues that are going on in the world at the moment. Some of these shows take place back in March when everything was at its worst when it came to the coronavirus. 

One of these shows for instance is Blackish. In the past, this show has tackled many different social issues that go on in America. In the new season 7, episode 3, it writes about how essential jobs are being impacted by the coronavirus. It talks about how doctors are being impacted and how their lives and work have changed so much. The mother, who is a doctor, has a scene where she is talking to her coworkers about how hard everything is and how she doesn’t know if she can keep up with the sudden change of everything. The episode also reaches on how careless people seem to act and how their actions are putting thousands of other people at risk. Some viewers have taken offense to this episode because it pokes fun at the pandemic and all the lives lost because of it, though others see it as a good thing because it is bringing attention to a big issue in an interesting way that will get people to watch. These types of episodes are very important right now because they give viewers a bigger understanding on how different people’s lives are impacted; for instance, some people have had a very easy transition when it comes to their work and personal lives and others have had it really hard. The show talks about how much privilege the family has and one parent can work at home maintaining his salary and how another has to go out to work. Even though some viewers may not be interested in seeing that type of story line, it still gives a view into some other people’s lives. 

Another ABC show, The Conners, takes a different approach to this issue in season three, in which they talk about the economic fallout and political side of this virus and how it has affected many families throughout this year. The episode talks about how the main characters have had a huge economic hit because of this virus and tells the story of how they have had to change their jobs and day to day lives around. The episode touches on how so many people living in America have a difficult time knowing exactly what they are and are not supposed to do because of all the different information that is going around. This episode of The Conners is much different than Blackish because it talks about how they are being evicted from their house, losing health insurance, and losing most of what they have worked for. This episode might be more relatable for most families right now compared to Blackish but both episodes take on real issues–some more serious than others.