The World of Sports Due To COVID-19

Daniel Labrozzi, Sportswriter

Throughout sports, rules and guidelines have been altered due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Sports couldn’t start up; now, we finally have them back. It’s not the same because you can’t visit the field and see it in person. You have to stay home and watch it, which doesn’t have the same thrill and excitement as it does if you’re lucky enough to go there. For watching the games, you couldn’t be there, so they tried to substitute that by putting your face up on the screen at the NBA games and putting cutouts of people in baseball stadiums. Throughout the sports, they had to social distance. For example, in basketball they were in the bubble, baseball had a shortened season, and all sports started up later than usual. With all of these delays and everything that had to be altered for them to play at all, they lost a lot of money. For instance, the MLB lost around 3.1 billion dollars this year.

This year for sports isn’t good, you could say. It’s just not as fun to watch as it usually is because it went by so quickly, and if your team didn’t start out well, then they were not making it to the playoffs because of shortened seasons. Some players didn’t like the changes. For example, the NBA players had to leave their families, go to Florida, and stay in a resort with all of the other NBA players and couldn’t see anyone. Within all of the shortened seasons, it didn’t give all the teams a fair chance because teams couldn’t really get into a groove and figure out what worked most. Baseball only had 60 games; they normally have a season of 162 games. The NBA just had 8 games to make it to the playoffs in the bubble and the bubble had a whole different feel for the players because they are used to a large stadium with thousands of seats. The proportions of the bubble stadium were a lot smaller and it felt weird for them. Some players performed a lot better in the bubble and some people did a lot worse.