The Spread of Information Through Social Media

Caitlin McSweeney, Graphics Coordinator & Editor

People use their social media accounts to post things like their vacations or parties they go to. But, this year, more and more people are using their platforms to spread awareness about certain issues in the world. 

For some people, social media, or in this case music, is the only way they can get important information about what’s going on in their country out to the rest of the world. For example, IC3PEAK is a Russian band that uses their music platform to inform people about how terrible the government in Russia is. When their band name is said, it sounds like “I speak” meaning they speak out against the Russian government. An example of one of their songs is TRSST. Just like the name of the band, when saying TRSST it sounds like “terrorist,” which is what is sung about in the song since one of the lines is “Mama, they say I’m a terrorist.” However, IC3PEAK’s music is actually banned in Russia.

People not only use their platforms to spread awareness about their issues for the rest of the world to see the reality of those situations, but people also spread awareness among themselves about situations that are happening to other people in that same country who aren’t educated on those matters. This goes for topics like mental health, special needs, systemic racism, and so on. Most don’t know a lot about certain things. I’ve experienced this first hand with my brother. Not many people know much about autism. So, it’s good to educate and spread information to people about these things so they understand. 

Social media has also become a way for friends and family to share their views on these things with each other because of COVID. We aren’t able to see a lot of people; either you or said person could be quarantining themselves to keep themselves and their family safe. What is something the majority of us have that is an incredibly easy way to spread information and our views on certain topics? Social media. 

This is a good thing, yes. But also with the easy access to the internet, misinformation can be spread as well. So, you should not only be informed by social media, but do your own research on issues that are going on in America, and the rest of the world.