Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon

Chad George, Arts & Entertainment

On November 24, 2020, the Falcon9 and Crew Dragon was successfully launched into space along with the Sentinel 6A from the Kennedy Space Center. The two stage Falcon 9 rocket left Cape Canaveral Air Force station in Florida at 9:13pm on Tuesday. SpaceX Falcon 9 broke the record for seventh time, sending 60 satellites in orbit to provide satellite internet. Sentinel 6A was designed by a European space agency to monitor our oceans as a result of climate change causing sea levels to rise.

The Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon were designed by SpaceX, a privately owned company that Elon Musk founded in 2002 to reduce space transportation costs and to start the colonization of Mars. The astronauts will be launched to the ISS, or International Space Station. The ISS is a modular space station in low orbit and is one of the largest artificial objects in space. The station is used as a space environment research laboratory where scientific research is conducted. The ISS is also used to test space craft equipment and systems for long-duration missions.The Falcon 9 was launched from the launchpad 39A from the historic Apollo and shuttle mission. 

The Apollo program was the third United States spaceflight program, which was successful in landing the first man on the moon. The space shuttle program was the fourth human spaceflight program. The space shuttle carried the large parts into space to build the ISS. Falcon 9 is the first rocket to launch from U.S. soil since 2011, after the space shuttle program ended. If the flight is successful, it can bring back U.S. human space flight capabilities and open a new era of commercial space exploration.