Factors of Our Long Lasting Pandemic

Fernando Menjura, International & National News

Many people saw hope and vision of relief as over the last few weeks, things seemed like they could go back to normal. On October 29, 2020, the U.S. recorded more than 99,000 new cases in one day for the first time. More than 30 states reported more than a thousand cases. The issue with this is that whenever the people of our society tend to relax about the worldwide pandemic and think of it as just some cold, it leads to parties, hangouts, etc. Everything seems okay until, all at once, we are about to reach 9 million total cases in the United States. Many people do follow precautions, but if everyone doesn’t begin to abide by the rules of COVID-19, the “progress” we have made  will all be a waste of time, and the constant spikes of more cases and deaths will keep occuring.

Cases all around the country have been spiking. Take a look at Utah– they had a huge rise in one day of COVID cases and it was so extreme that they had to send out a statewide wireless emergency alert. Around the entire nation, we have had a total of more than 9 million cases since the pandemic started. The New York Times states, “The country has crossed the threshold of nine million known infections since the pandemic began.” 

The biggest issue with the society we live in is that most people do not care about the well being of others. I worked a job at a coffee shop all summer and the amount of customers that would come in complaining about why they have to wear a mask in the store  was just unacceptable. When it comes to influencers and people with either money or power, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, has had a big impact on the way people are approaching the virus. Trump supports not having to wear a mask and states that we will find a cure and the virus will be over soon. The New York Times states, “President Trump, in the closing days of his campaign, has assured voters that the virus is vanishing, brushing aside the devastation it has brought and even mocking people who take precautions-even including measures his own health advisors recommend-to slow the spread of the disease.” Having someone in such a high position as the President can play a huge role in the outcome of a situation like the pandemic. On the other hand, we have Joe Biden, who is showing a lot of care for the safety of his society and the wellbeing of his nation.

Being able to show a strong plan that will help better the situation our country is in will allow us to actually have society go back to the way it used to be. Many people believe the pandemic is a hoax and that is why they do not take it seriously, especially when one of the most powerful men in the country says it’s not a big deal at all.