Cyberpunk 2077

Chad George, Arts & Entertainment

Cyberpunk 2077 is a single player open world RPG developed and published by City Project Red. It was set to release November 9 but recently got delayed to December 10. Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the roleplaying game Cyberpunk 2020 and is inspired by the 1982 film Blade Runner, the anime Ghost in a Shell and William Gibson’s novel,  Necromancer.

Cyberpunk is the most ambitious, best looking and most hyped up game set to release in 2020. In Cyberpunk, you play as a character known as V, a street kid from Night City and a character that you can fully customize. Johnny Silver Hand, a digital ghost inside V’s head, is a character from the original 1988 tabletop game and he is being played by Keanu Reeves. 

Night City is full of gangs. The Tiger Claws are a gang found in Japan Town; they run illegal underground activity and disguise their business with over ground legal activity. The Mox are a small group of anarchists, loyal and defensive of their own. The Voodoo Boys occupy the most dangerous districts in Cyber Punk; they are a group of master hackers and net runners. The Valentinos can be found in the streets of Haywood and they worship Santa Muerte. Maelstrom is a gang of ruthless psychos that will kill anyone for laughs. They are obsessed with cybernetic body modifications to replace the weakness and limitations of the human body. 

To survive Night City’s cruel environment, you’re gonna need fire power. Power weapons resemble current day weapons but they ricochet and tech weapons are super charged weapons that use electromagnetic technology to fire metal projectiles. Smart weapons have enemy tracking tech that lets your bullet chase down targets without directly aiming at them. Then, there are cyber ware body modifications that allow you to turn your body into a living weapon. Last but not least, melee weapons are nothing special but can be  deadly in the right hands. For example, there’s a 1000 degree flaming katana that allows you to slice through your enemies with ease like sashimi. 

So far Cyberpunk seems like it’s gonna be a good game. It has the potential to become one of the best games of all time as long as the developers continue to fix and support the game. I hope it meets players’ expectations.