Twin Suicide Bombings in Baghad Market Kill and Wound Dozens

Fernando Menjura, International & National News

28 people killed and 75 others severely injured. On January 21, 2020, a rare, but deadly suicide bombing blew up a busy Baghad market on a Thursday afternoon. Ever since ISIS was defeated in 2017, the Islamic State has been at peace. According to The Associated Press, the last bombing took place in January of 2018, leaving many to wonder what the purpose of this bombing was. Two twins, who have not been identified, were the cause of this disaster. An Interior Ministry spokesman tweeted that one of the twins came up near the side of the store and activated his vest. A few moments later, people were gathered around all the dead and injured – this is when the second twin came in and hit the market with another deadly explosion.

Even though ISIS has been almost entirely weakened, Iraq’s international allies, with the help of militant groups, are still causing commotion with several smaller incidents over the last few months. A few days prior to the bombing, the Ministry of Electricity reported various planned attacks on power lines, power stations, and other various infrastructure, leading to millions of dollars worth of damage. The Trump Administration has largely reduced the number of soldiers in Iraq, even though 2,500 troops are still in the country. Defense Secretary General Lloyd Austin said in his confirmation hearing that he still fears the threat that ISIS poses inside of Iraq and beyond. 

For Iraq, these types of incidents always strike fear in the residents that make up the community. The country has been growing and prospering for several years now due to the improvements in security and decrease in violent activities. The people have been living peacefully, so when something like this takes place, it brings back trauma to the people on how insidious the country used to be.