Behind The Hypothetical


Caitlin McSweeney, Graphics Coordinator & Editor

Ever wondered how we get these articles up for you to read? Well, as someone who helps with the process, I’m here to walk you through how we get this site going and the process of The Hypothetical. So, if you’re interested in getting your own work up here, you can get in the know of the process it goes through to get published.

There is an entire online archive that the unpublished articles go to await approval, pictures, proofreads, and such. The first step is proofreading, where we make suggestions to change punctuation, grammar, or spelling on the articles in the Need Proofread file. If they have a picture up and ready to go on the article, they go to the Approved and Unpublished folder; however, if they don’t have a picture they go in the Need Photo folder until we find a fitting picture. After the articles go through that stage, we need to get them up on The Hypothetical website!

This website, where you are reading these articles, has an entire structural back page where we can view Creative Corner submissions, comments, and of course, upload stories. This part is the easiest; we copy and paste the written article into the template given and fill in the author, their category, and tags for the subject of the article. For example, if it’s an article about this past Super Bowl, there is a sports tag that would go along with it. Then, the picture is uploaded and the article is ready to get published and go on the website for you to read here and now.

The articles are published and made during second period Journalism class taught by Ms. Emmerson and there are also individual writers that make articles and graphics that aren’t in the class. You can be one of those people! You can contact Ms. Emmerson or Mr. Kinnier through email or send in submissions to the Creative Corner! That section is awfully bare, so seeing all your creations posted up in that category is our goal.

This article you’re reading has obviously gone through this same process as well– isn’t that fascinating? The work of technology today is wonderful. This is of utmost convenience as well because we can’t print out physical copies due to COVID, so the website is much neater and prettier, and there’s no chance of COVID being spread through a computer screen.