Freezing Rain Causes 133 Car Pile-Up in Texas, Leaving at Least 6 Dead


Kin-u via Wikimedia Commons


Fernando Menjura, National & International News

A massive amount of reports had flooded the Fort Worth Interstate, saying it wasn’t properly treated. After 6 a.m on February 11, the crash involving 133 vehicles took place, leaving 65 people injured and rushed to nearby local hospitals. According to officials, multiple hours after the crash, there were 26 fire department vehicles, 80 police cars, and 13 ambulances. 

A various number of the people involved in the crash were health care workers who were wearing scrubs and hospital badges. Due to one of the main shifts being a 7 a.m start by nearby hospitals, many weren’t surprised to have seen so many health care workers involved in the accident. Neil Noakes, a chief from the Fort Worth Police Department stated that four local policemen were injured and hospitalized. Three were on their way to work and one was severely injured while trying to help victims of the accident. 

A video taken by North Texas storm chaser Jason Mclaughlin on Twitter went viral about an hour after the crash, showing multiple vehicles piling up on each other for over a course of about 5 minutes. Three semi trailers were also involved in the crash, adding to the overall damage that had taken place. Multiple vehicles were reported to be stuck under pick up trucks and even under 18 wheelers. Later that day, McLaughlin was interviewed, speaking on The Weather Channel stating, “It looks like a couple of vehicles lost control, and when that happens, everything just piled up behind them.” An MCI in Fort Worth delivered an official report the next day, including at least 100 vehicles involved in the accident, with 5 fatalities and 36 transported to a local hospital. The incident was so tragic it backed up all traffic from Interstate 30 to Interstate 820 and closed all Northbound lanes of I-35W.  

Accidents like this don’t just impact the people involved; they impact everyone connected to those people. All the communities and families in Fort Worth that had to witness such a tragic pile up is sad. We are thinking of them.