Tested Positive for a COVID-19 Variant? Nobody Will Tell You!


Fernando Menjura, National & International News

Tested Positive for a COVID-19 Variant? Nobody Will Tell You!

By Fernando Menjura

The new COVID variant strains from the original pandemic sickness have brought mass hysteria with them. Experts began to rapidly attempt to approve the tests for Coronavirus variants, but officials are not being allowed to share information about the cases – not even to the patients that have tested positive for them. 

Executive Director of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, Janet Hamilton, stated, “Federal rules around who can be told about the variant cases are so confusing that public health officials may merely know the county where a case has emerged but can’t do the kinds of investigation and deliver the notifications needed to slow the spread.” The main issue is that the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Rules Governing University Labs haven’t cleared the tests to be acceptable diagnostic tools for testing for the new variants. Whatever tests have been looked at based on the new variants are being studied by high-level lab research institutions with no communication back to doctors or patients. 

Three variants have been found within about 1,900 cases being reported in almost all 50 states. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, early reports were made that the new variants may spread faster than the original COVID-19 disease or even prove to be more lethal, possibly causing the existing treatments and vaccines to go to waste.