Paid Parking in Sag Harbor

Angela Gardella, Writer

During a recent board meeting, a Sag Harbor Village Trustee proposed the idea of paid parking over the summer in Sag Harbor Village. Based on this idea, the village was planning on designating 221 of the 898 parking spots in the downtown area that will be used for paid parking, using the app ParkMobile to receive payment from residents and visitors. All of the revenue that is made from the paid parking would be going to the reconstruction of sidewalks and benches within the town. 

The program was planned to run from May 17th to October 12th, from 10 a.m. to midnight. All paid spaces have a three hour limit until 5 pm. The first is free; the second hour $5; and the final hour $7.50. After 5 p.m., there will be a four hour limit with the first hour free; the second $5; the third $7.50; and the fourth $15. Only 30 spots will be designated for those who are looking to take a short trip into town. 

Many people have expressed their concern over the change in parking. For example, some pointed out that older people within our community may have trouble accessing/working the ParkMobile app. People with disabilities may be harmed too if the handicapped spots along Main Street are occupied, as they would have to park somewhere further from their destination. Additionally, these payments could also become too much of an expense for your typical working family. Things out here are already quite expensive. And how is this going to affect what Sag Harbor looks like in the summer? We already know there are typically bad drivers and crowds of people here on vacation, but now downtown is going to look even busier with people everywhere looking for parking. A possible resolution to this problem is having some sort of kiosk or stand where someone can physically pay for a spot. This could also be helpful to anyone who is looking for a spot or struggling to pay for one. 

Sag Harbor Village Board met again on February 9th, 2021 where they agreed to limit paid parking to the Wharf only. This is very beneficial to most residents and visitors. Not only are more spots now available, but Sag Harbor is still expected to make a big profit off of the paid parking (despite the charge being decreased to only $4 an hour). Another trustee proposed the idea of returning collected money to taxpayers if the profit from paid parking turns out to be very significant. 

The Village also announced that you can call and pay for a spot by phone if you’re having trouble navigating the app or website. Not only that, but they are also planning on enhancing cellular service to make paying much easier for residents. Those who plan on paying for a spot to occupy it with a motorcycle must sign for their spot. 

Paid parking will be in act from May 17th through October 12th from 10 AM to midnight. All parking sessions initiated before 6 p.m. will have a maximum of 3 hours. All parking sessions initiated after 6 p.m. will have a 5 hour maximum.