Pierson Allows Fall Sports, Benefiting Students


Fionnuala (Finn) Goodale, Writer

Pierson High School recently made the decision to allow fall sports to be played. The “fall” season this year is starting in March and, due to COVID, the seasons are packed full of games and shortened in length. With the right protocols and safety procedures, this can be an excellent decision for the entire community. 

Sports provide a number of benefits to the students who decide to play. They create the perfect environment to build friendships and the bond teammates share with each other is long-lasting. Sports provide motivation to keep your grades up, which can be especially beneficial during a pandemic when it is hard to find the motivation. Having a sport to play can also help teenagers to stay safe COVID-wise. Since the season is very short this year, a two-week quarantine due to COVID exposure can take up a good portion of the entire season – this is very obvious in all athletes’ minds.

With remote schooling or the lack of social events a pandemic provides, going to practices and games may be the only socialization athletes get, so it’s a good outlet to have. Coaches can be role models for their whole team and community; they have a special opportunity to help their team stay safe in order to be the best they possibly can. For the seniors this year, they get one last season of their sport and a chance to have a somewhat normal aspect of their last high school year. 

Getting sports back into people’s lives is important right now because it allows for a sense of normality that many of us have been missing lately. Coming up on a year of COVID-19 life, it is getting harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the return back to normal life, or just the end of COVID in general. Little adjustments like school sports or going back 5 days a week to in-school learning may not seem like a massive deal, but they are so much more than they seem. These small changes mark the beginning of going back to the lives we miss so much from pre-COVID times, and getting these things back gives everyone some hope for the future. Although it’s not exactly the same as it used to be, slowly, but surely, we are getting there.