How Do You Feel About Tuesday?

Caroline Canavan, Writer

Do you have weird Tuesday experiences at Pierson High School? Or maybe weird Tuesdays in general? It can just be the feeling of being in a weird spot in the week or just having an odd day. Weird Tuesdays aren’t only an opinion of the people; they can also be due to scientific reasons or culture. 

Tuesdays are known for being a culturally unlucky day. The Greeks felt that Tuesdays were an unlucky day of the week because it was the day that Constantinople fell.  Spanish speaking parts of the world also traditionally feel that Tuesdays are unlucky. This idea is also proven by multiple surveys. According to “Tuesday is the Worst Day of the Week,” an article from BHG, A US work stress survey and happiness study found that Tuesday feels like the longest day of the week to workers, is the most stressful (around lunchtime) and is the most miserable day of the week.” Australians also feel the same way. A study was conducted on people 18 years and older in Australia and it found that two-thirds of millennials hate Tuesday mornings. Australians are also twenty-six percent more likely to hit snooze on Tuesdays. 

To find out first hand how weird Tuesdays are at Pierson and in general, I went around and asked some questions to different people. 

The first question I asked was, “How is your Tuesday so far?” Here were the responses: 

Ms. Emmerson: “This morning It took me an extra half hour to get to work because somebody hit a deer, which is super sad.”

Vincent: “Pretty good.”

Diane Canavan (my mom): “Look at my face, I had a great Tuesday. I’m numb. My face is numb. My eyes are sore. I have a headache from the loud music at the dentist’s office. I’m hungry and I wish it was 85 degrees. But other than that, I think I’m pretty happy. Those are just a few things.”

Greg Canavan (my dad): “Oh, I was productive.”

“Have you had any weird Tuesday experiences in the past and have your Tuesdays been odd recently?”

Ms. Emmerson: “Yes, I feel like every Tuesday is weird. I don’t know. The vibes in the classroom, like everybody is kinda loopy.”

Vincent: “Not that I can think of.” 

Diane Canavan: “No, uhh no. Just today was difficult. The day I don’t like is Wednesdays.”

Greg Canavan: “No I don’t think Tuesdays are weird. I think Tuesdays are a day for uhm, a piece of seriousness throughout what needs to be done. Mondays are weird. Tuesday’s a day of business. Wednesday, they call it the middle of the week. Thursday is the home stretch, and of course Friday – psh, you’re staring at the weekend! [He laughs.]”

“Would you pick Mondays over Tuesdays?” 

Ms. Emmerson: “Well, I don’t know. Well, sometimes Tuesday’s are fun because they are so weird, but other times Tuesday exhaustion hits super hard. So, in that sense, yes, I would pick Monday because I’m tired but as far as the fun goes, I would pick Tuesday.”

Vincent: “Tuesday over Monday.”

Diane Canavan: “I would Tuesday…No Monday over Tuesday.”

She changed her mind. I asked her why.

Diane: “Because I feel like… from all the ruckus from the weekend, Monday is a day of recuperation and cleaning.”

Greg Canavan: “I would choose Tuesday over Monday over any day of the week. I have to say Monday is my least favorite day of the 7-day week.”

There are mixed opinions.  After bringing up these questions to my mom, she did think into how Tuesdays really are. Vincent really felt nothing about Tuesdays, especially shown when he said, “I think [Tuesday] is just another day.” 

My dad, similarly, didn’t feel that anything about Tuesdays, but he did have a point about Taco Tuesday: “Well, I don’t like tacos and people seem to think you’re supposed to eat tacos on Tuesday. I don’t really care much for Mexican food, thank you. So Tuesdays are weird in that aspect.” 

Ms. Emmerson probably agreed with me the most. My feelings on Tuesday really came about because of her class. No offense, Ms. Emmerson – it’s not your fault.

I can conclude from my interviews that Tuesday is a personal thing. You may feel that every day has the same vibes or think a specific day in the week is different to you. I recently had yet another weird Tuesday, so my opinion on that lives on. Maybe after reading this article, you will start blaming your weird days on what day it is.