Versace 2021 Fall Collection 

Emily Backlund, Writer

Versace just launched their new Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection. The brand launched a new monogram named La Greca, which is a take on the brand’s previously established Greek pattern. This new monogram continues to show Versace’s ongoing growth of the brand in ways other brands are unable to do. Most high end brands are unable to make such a big change like this because of how associated they are with their monogram. This new addition to the brand fits Versace’s known family-like business while being able to make the brand bigger and better. 

The Versace show included pieces that are beginning to be more popular in everyday fashion right now, like headscarves, shoes, gloves, and tights. All of these items did include the new monogram pattern in some way and the monogram was blown up into a large wooden structure in place of a runway where the models would walk, wear, and show off the items as well. Each one of these pieces resemble a 1960s type of style, whether it be 60s high fashion or just average, everyday 60s wear. Two things in particular included in this collection are colorful tights paired with chunky heels and boots similar to the look of gogo boots, which are staples of 1960’s fashion when looking back. Many people are beginning to notice this pairing of items coming back with small brands creating similar pieces. 

The collection also brought back head scarves and gloves. The head scarves were either all black or covered with the La Greca monogram. Head scarves have gone in and out of fashion, but again, were most popular in the 1960s. 

Versace is one of the first brands to include this type of style in their collections recently, making a lot of people notice and look into this collection. Right now, it is thought that these high fashion designers are not gravitating towards what is popular  right now in everyday wear, but as we see a start of brands coming back to the runway after the coronavirus, we see a slow change in this perspective.