Dual Sports Inaugural Season From a Pierson Athlete’s Perspective

Grace Flanagan, Writer

To participate in not one, but two school sports in the same season sounds like a lot to handle. That said, being a dual sports athlete is a great and educating experience. It teaches you how to balance your time because you won’t get much free time for homework and studying. I also learned how to be a teammate and how to push myself harder in achieving the best I could.

Getting to represent Pierson in two different uniforms these past two months has been very rewarding, but at times it can feel stressful. This fall season, I chose to make my main focus being on the varsity volleyball team, but, whenever I could, I was also training and racing for the varsity cross country team. I found myself stuck at a fork in the road, as my two practices were at the same time sometimes. It isn’t easy having to miss one practice for another and it feels as though you are letting down your team and your coach. However, both of these sports are so different, yet so similar in the sense that they taught me dedication, determination, and how to be a teammate. In the long run, doing each of these sports will help with the other and will help me as an athlete, so getting to be a part of making an impact in the sports program is worth it.

If you are torn between two sports you love because they are at the same time and can handle the responsibility of school work and twice the amount of practices and obligations, dual sports is worth it.