Championship Season for Field Hockey

Eva McKelvey, Writer

After weeks of anticipation and delays due to COVID-19, the field hockey season started late, but was still on. We were all so happy and thankful that we had a season. The team was excited and ready to get back playing on the field with our sticks in hand. Our team did not have a pre-season. Instead, we were provided work out packages by Coach Nina Hemby and we practiced on our own. By the time we hit the field, we were ready!

Last year we had two essential players graduate, so we started off this season with a very young team. Our team added three strong players on the field, including two seniors and one sophomore who also all play soccer. There was a lot of work to do, especially without pre-season to prepare for our first game. Our first game started off a little rough; we had not played for a year and a half because, while we were in quarantine, we didn’t really know what Coronavirus was yet. The guidelines kept on changing, so everybody was extra cautious about it. 

As the season started to progress, we spent a lot of time training and making sure we were learning from the mistakes that we made in previous games. The team worked hard and stayed focused in practices, which definitely paid off in our games. We started to get the hang of transferring the ball, releasing much sooner so we could get the shot off quicker, communicating, and being loud on the field. As we did this, we started to see an increase in our amount of wins against some of the tougher teams we were playing. We were in a good position and we had a very good chance of making it into the Class C championship, which we ultimately ended up reaching and winning. 

For the sixth consecutive year, we made it to the Long Island Championship playing Carle Place. We had our hopes up high that this would finally be the year we would get to beat them. We got very close but ultimately were defeated 2-1. Our team is strong and hopefully in our next season, which starts in only three months, we will finally bring home the Long Island Championship trophy!