Colorado Local Slaughtered by Bear

Fernando Menjura, Writer

Attacks from animals aren’t rare, but most don’t take a life. That said, various animals have a cute look to them, even though they are truly aggressive wild animals. The black bear, compared to many other species of bears, isn’t known for being very aggressive at all. Found in North America, they weigh about 150 pounds, on average. Compared to other species of bears like grizzly bears and polar bears, the black bear isn’t known to be aggressive, but more commonly will be attracted to human communities in search of food. 

During a quiet Friday afternoon on April 30, Laney Malavoita, a 39-year-old woman, left her home to go on a walk with her dogs. A few hours passed and her boyfriend arrived at the house, waiting for Laney and the dogs to come back home. Moments later, the dogs arrived at the house by themselves, causing her boyfriend to instantly panic. So, he went and searched through the woods, up and down some paths where he knew they may have walked through. Searching and searching…to then find out his girlfriend had perished. The CPW, known as the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, responded immediately. They found strong evidence of a bear attack, showing signs of consumption on the body and an excess of bear scat and hair at the scene.

Many local reports have talked about how extremely rare these bear attacks are. A circumstance like this should remind society to be cautious when on adventures that lie close within the forest of the United States.