Sag Harbor Should Build a Skatepark


Ethan Gawronski, Writer

As someone who skates in town on a daily basis, I’ve found that there are times when it is almost impossible to do so. When I say this, I don’t mean I can’t skate because it’s raining or I have no motivation; what I mean is no matter where I do skate, I’m either being yelled at by pedestrians, kicked out by shop owners, or receiving threats that my board will be taken away. A few weeks back, a few buddies of mine and I were yelled at for not being allowed to skate on Main Street when we weren’t even on Main Street. It is really frustrating because we can’t skate in town, but we don’t have rides to skateparks nearby. The closest one is SYS, which we can’t always get a ride to. But, it doesn’t always need to be like this because there is a solution: building a skatepark in the town of Sag Harbor. 

While that does sound like a big task to take on, there are benefits for both skaters and the town. For example, skateboarders won’t be skating in high-traffic areas or on private property, which not only satisfies the skateboarding community of Sag Harbor, but the community of Sag Harbor altogether. Once a skatepark is built, people who skate won’t have to worry about skating (or getting caught skating) where they’re not supposed to. Property owners don’t have to worry about the risk of property damage. Plus, parents will feel safer knowing that their kids will be skating in a space that’s meant for it rather than down Main Street or on the hard concrete in front of both the elementary school and Pierson Middle/High School. Another reason to build a skatepark is the fact that it can have a very positive economic impact on the community, according to Spohn Ranch’s article, “The Top 6 Benefits of Public Skateparks.” Like other people, those who skate build up quite the appetite, so they will go to a local market or deli to grab a bite to eat and something to drink. 

People skating street won’t ever stop because of the freedom and thrill of doing it, but skating where they aren’t supposed to happen as much if there is a skatepark in town that they can skate to. It just needs to be convenient and not a 30-minute drive out of town.