In Memoriam: Margery Masters


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Aiden Genender, Staff Writer & Photographer

Last week, we received the sad news that a member of our Pierson family, Ms. Margery Masters, passed away. In tribute to her, The Hypothetical staff member Aiden Genender compiled some of the many notes written on the banners that were in the library. They are reprinted here:


Miss Masters, We are all here for you. We will miss you so much.


Mrs. Masters, Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher. You will be greatly missed. ❤️ Thinking of your family


To Ms. Masters, We love the fun way you read to us. We miss you.


Our best friend Miss Masters


Your smile is beautiful

Your jokes were sooo funny

You were sooo kind and creative

I miss you Miss Masters


Dear Ms. Masters,  We all miss you. I loved when you read books in PLANT. You were such a great teacher. We will all remember you.


Dear Ms. Masters,

You were the best math teacher and you were so nice to everyone. And you always looked so happy. It’s so sad to lose somebody who worked at this school for so long. So many students and teachers are gonna miss you. You were such a kind person and I’ve never really seen you mad. You were also so easy to talk to about anything so thank you for listening, Ms. Masters. We will always remember you for the beautiful person that you were. Rest well, Ms. Masters

I’m also sure so many staff will miss you so much for all the work that you have done for the school for the past 20 years. Also you were a very good singer aside from being a math teacher. You did so much and it was so sad to hear the horrible news yesterday. ❤️❤️❤️


You were my favorite teacher. You were the only way I could stand math. I love your class, it made my day better. I miss you reading to us, and we never got to finish the Mysterious Benedict Society. PLANT was my favorite class. I’m happy you’re out of your pain now. 

Fly high.


Fly high! We will always miss you. Love you forever.


We miss you so much. You brought light to everyone you were around. Thank you. Rest in peace.


Dear Miss Masters,

You were the best math teacher I have ever had. Also you were the kindest when it came to problems at home. You graded well, you read and made me feel like I was in the book. I could go on, but you are and always will be in my heart. 

P.S. You are now in a better place.


Dear Ms. Masters,

You were an amazing teacher anytime I went to PLANT. I would get excited whenever I’d go to PLANT because of you. I hope you have the best time when you go to heaven.


You were one of the best teachers ever and I will miss you forever. Everyone will miss you and you were always the nicest to me and it was like a break from stress going into your classroom. I will miss you so much and stay confident always. Fly high.


Dear Mrs. Masters,

I loved having you as a teacher. You were always kind and caring towards us and you were always patient. Your gentle voice was always a pleasure to listen to, and your willingness to deal with us on bad days was and will always be appreciated!!! We loved you so much and we always will.


Ms. Masters,

You were always such an amazing person to me. Ever since around the 1st grade, I remember I would constantly make excuses to go to the nurses office, which was right next to yours, just to talk to. Could you tell that? You were there in the year when I had no one else to speak to, and I will constantly cherish that fact. You sincerely helped me, and so many other students who had no one else, such a solid and firm believer that even the kids who had no friends needed somebody to speak to, and you were such an incredible example for me. I don’t want to say that it’s not fair that you’re gone now – and it isn’t – but the fact that it hurts so much and that so many people came to write these wonderful things for you shows to me that you made a similarly amazing impact on so many people, and I think that that is a beautiful thing. I’m going to miss you. 

-Aiden Genender