Pierson Environmental Club’s Rise to Solar Power


Solar power has come to be one of the most accessible and prevalent sources of energy throughout the United States. With its primary source – the sun – being a nearly boundless one, solar energy can be accessed at any time on Earth during one point or another. Locally speaking, members of Pierson’s Environmental Club have taken notice of the sustainable switch being made by a number of our neighbors, such as the Bridgehampton School District.


With this observation sparking great interest and incentive among club members, the Green Whalers embarked on their effort in following our neighbors’ eco-friendly lead. Over these last few months, club officers have made contact with the Long Island solar company who aided in Bridgehampton’s solar energy switch, SUNation. As of now, the Environmental Club is working on gathering information surrounding Pierson’s current PSEG billing to construct a thorough proposal to be presented upon the administration. 


Once this information is attained and a proposal is approved by the school board, SUNation will be able to present a quote to Pierson estimating how much this sustainable switch would cost. In the meantime, the Green Whalers intend on getting in contact with Noresco, an energy service company and provider that also happens to be a leader in addressing the modern energy infrastructure difficulties polluting our nation today. In contacting Noresco, the Environmental Club would be granted the opportunity to communicate with referrals from numerous Northeastern schools who underwent the process of transitioning to a renewable source of energy.

Despite the prospect of this conversion to solar energy not yet being a guarantee, it is an effort that the Green Whalers happily pursue as it epitomizes the capacity that the student body holds in maintaining and promoting the health of the Sag Harbor environment and local community. For any students who are interested in this sustainable pursuit, or who are curious as to what other eco-friendly activities and service opportunities Pierson’s Environmental Club has to offer, please spread the word or contact club officials – listed below – to attend our next meeting. 



Mr. Schumacher: [email protected]

Dr. Schumacher: [email protected]

Eve Iulo: [email protected]

Lizzie Hallock: [email protected]