Hannah Tuma

A Perspective on Parking

Parking at Pierson

November 13, 2018

Parking at Pierson High School has been an issue for several years. Where to expand the parking lots; how to expand them without disturbing the neighbors or the beautiful landscape, and how to use our money efficiently to do it. Since 2004, the “enrollment in the district has grown by 135 students”, said Mary Anne Miller during a Board of Education Meeting in 2014. The school has increased it’s student and faculty numbers even more in the past four years and in turn, the need for more parking has grown.

As of now, faculty members park in the three limited parking lots there are, and students must park on the streets nearby. The parking problem is difficult for teachers, however it’s harder on students because they are not given a designated area to park, which creates additional hardship. This hardship is needing to find a parking spot close to the school and getting to school early enough to park and walk to class. One of Pierson’s seniors, Katie Kneeland, told us, “I always have trouble finding parking in the morning, it makes me late to school because i’ll never know how far i’ll have to walk”. Another Senior, Cooper Schiavoni, said “a lot of the time it’s hard to find a [parking] spot, it’s something that needs to be addressed”. In addition to talking with students, we also spoke with Mr. Schulman who said “if I get here later than 7:30 then I have trouble finding a parking spot”. Also, because the students park on the streets, neighbors to the school are bothered by cramped roads.

So, how do we fix the situation? There have been several Board of Education meetings held in the past years discussing the issue, but nothing has changed. Partly because it is a difficult issue that is hard to resolve, however, if enough people believe it’s a serious concern and decide to speak up about it, we can fix the problem. If you have any ideas on how to better the Pierson parking situation you should talk to a student council member who will bring it to the Board of Education. Parking may not seem to be an important issue, however it is, and it would benefit the students, faculty and community to address the problem.

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