Weekly Roundup: January 7th, 2018

January 7, 2019

It is officially 2019, and the first full week of school since the break. Though this week might seem pretty disappointing, there is still a lot of fun stuff going on in New York and in the world. For everyone who couldn’t seem to find their holiday spirit this year, don’t worry; all of the holiday festivities are over. To wrap up Christmas-tree-season, Mulchfest is taking place citywide all week long. For any musical-theater fans, Clueless The Musical (starring Dove Cameron) is now on, and so is Mike Birbiglia’s new Broadway show, The New One.

For anyone who wants some entertainment but isn’t into theater, there are a bunch of new movies including Escape Room, which just hit theaters this past weekend, as well as The Upside, A Dog’s Way Home, and Replicas, which are all coming out January 11th. The most recent US politics include the conflicts between the US, Israel, and Syria, regarding Trump’s plans dealing with Syria. Along with that, more news on Trump’s wall idea has been released, including the information that the White House has asked Congress for $5.7 billion for the steel barrier. Despite what’s going on this week, I hope everyone has a bearable first full week at school and a happy new year.

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