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A Sound Session with Maria Maier

February 13, 2019

I am faced with stress daily, as are most of my peers. A significant part of my stress stems from school. In the past, I have done yoga and meditation. I have found both activities to be effective. However, I have wanted to try new things to help me cope with stress. Recently, I was introduced to sound therapy. More specifically,  tone and crystal bowl therapies. I must admit that I was initially skeptical about the process of sound therapy. I went into the experience only with the understanding that bowls are used. However, I was enlightened when I went for my first session.

It was a fall Monday when I first ventured out to the East Hampton home of Maria Maier. Maria, who runs Songs of Light Healing Arts LLC has long been interested in natural healing. Professionally, she started off as a Reiki Master years ago. Over the past few years, she has become more invested in the healing power of sound. Today, she offers Tibetan tones and singing bowl sessions in addition to Reiki. Maria’s mission is to facilitate self-improvement through the healing effects of sound.

Scientifically, sound therapy is effective through brain entrainment. Brain entrainment occurs when a frequency that is similar to the human body’s natural frequency is emitted from crystal or metal. The emitted frequency encourages brainwaves to align due to their similarities. When alignment is reached it can change the state of the brain. In sound therapy, the goal is to reach a relaxed state.

I first participated in a Tibetan Tones session. The Tibetan Tones is an individual session. I went in and laid down on a massage table. It started with me laying on my stomach. Brass bowls are placed on the body and hit so they emit a frequency. I found difficulty in relaxing at first. However, as the session continued I was unable to fight relaxation. The brass bowl process is repeated on the other side of the body as well. At one point I felt my brain go into a state of absolute calm. It felt like my brain was filled with white noise. I was in awe of the brain entrainment that I was experiencing. I had never experienced such a great feeling of relaxation in my life. The session was close to over an hour. Following the session, I felt completely relaxed. That night I slept very well and woke up feeling refreshed.

I also participated in the crystal singing bowls therapy, which is a group session. It works the same as the Tibetan tones with brain entrainment. The main differences between the two are the bowls are not placed on the body and crystal bowls are used. For this session, I decided to invite my mother and brother along. The session started with getting comfortable and laying down on a yoga mat. I closed my eyes and put on an eye mask to get myself prepared for relaxation. Maria played a series of crystal bowls and other delicate instruments. I found it much harder to get into a state of relaxation. This time, my relaxed state was not as prolonged and it came in waves. I theorize it was the noise of my brother next to me breathing loudly that made me feel less at ease. I did come out of the session feeling relaxed, but less relaxed than the individual session. Although, I feel that the group session is something I will have to try again.

Overall, I found sound therapy to be an incredible experience. I find that it is amazing that the brain in tandem with certain sound has the ability to produce a very calming state. I would highly recommend to anyone who is open to trying a sound session to go for it. It is a very natural process for relaxation and there is no harm in giving it a try. I really hope to continue sound therapy in the future. I am so pleased to have discovered Maria. I think she is a gem in our community for the healing arts. She is incredibly well informed on the science, history, and practice of sound therapy. Maria is a wonderful person, who is inspired by her own experiences with anxiety to help others reach a state of calm through sound. For more information about Maria, you can go to her website: https://songsoflighthealingarts.com/maria-j-maier

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